Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hillary Clinton Endorses McCain for President

Guest blogger R. Thelonious

Recognizing that she may not be the Democratic nominee despite her victories on Tuesday, Hillary took measures over the last few days to ensure that if she could not win the nomination and the Presidency, that someone from her own party could.

In related news, there have been whispers from the Hillary camp that to boost her campaign, she may trot out her pick for Vice President: Joe Lieberman, wink, wink. Secretary of State: Henry Kissinger? Also on her agenda, should she take the Presidency is to appoint George W. Bush President Emeritus and give him a permanent office in the West Wing.


magda flores said...

Lieberman!? Are y'all trying to kill me?

Kid Radical said...

the point exactly. WTF is she doing?