Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama (Finally) Wins Texas

This is not a joke, the Main Stream Media is finally coming around to the reality. Clinton won the primary 51-48 and 65 delegates to Obama's 61. But, the caucuses are about finishing up and it looks like Obama will gain 37 more delegates to Clinton's 30. I will do the math for you and Obama will win 98 and Clinton 95.

Even the popular vote will be won by Obama. Check it out:
TX Primary Result
Clinton 1,459,814
Obama 1,358,785

TX Caucus Result
Not formally tabulated but if we derive from the available totals we have good approximate numbers
Clinton 440,000
Obama 560,000

Grand Popular Vote Totals (Primary + Caucus)
Clinton 1,469,814 + 440,000 = 1,909,814
Obama 1,358,785 + 560,000 = 1,918,785

You get the point. The goal posts were moved for a Clinton win. The MSM bought it and here we go. Let us hope for Wyoming and Mississippi. Wyoming, I am a little worried about.

Below, here is Terry MaCaullife explaining why Hillary can win even if she doesn't win in delegates, states or popular vote. This isn't democracy folks.

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