Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hillary Set to Win Tonight


Here are the latest polls for both Ohio and Texas. Hillary Clinton is surging after her fearmongering commercial, her endorsement of John McCain and the interruption by the Canadian government as well as the Rezko issue.

My predictions for tonight are as follows:

Rhode Island: 55-45 HRC
Vermont : 63-37 BO
Ohio: 54-46 HRC
Texas: 49-48 HRC

She still will not have enough delegates to even make a dent, in fact it is likely if Obama does not get the Texas primary he will get the caucus and will get more delegates. Hillary will have bragging rights after tonight, but that is all she will have. And it will be time for her to get out. But, her strategy is clear. Win tonight in Texas in Ohio (if she doesn't win both she has to get out), keep the pressure on Barack, keep pushing the fearmongering and keep pushing the Rezko issue, seat the Florida and Michigan delegates, win in Pennsylvania and then hope Obama makes some mistakes and loses his cool, grip or something else. Because even with her strategy going 100 percent in her favor, she still loses in pledged delegates.

But, believe it, she will go on after tonight no matter what happens. Daily Kos disagrees with me however and is giving Obama the nod by far. I am just not believing it.

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