Thursday, March 13, 2008

Speaker Pelosi on the Bush Fearmongering

First the Bush fearmongering.

Bush said:

This week House leaders are finally bringing legislation to the floor. Unfortunately, instead of holding a vote on the good bipartisan bill that passed the United States Senate, they introduced a partisan bill that would undermine America's security. This bill is unwise. The House leaders know that the Senate will not pass it. And even if the Senate did pass it, they know I will veto it.

Yesterday the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence sent a leader [sic] to the Speaker explaining why the bill is dangerous to our national security.... The American people understand the stakes in this struggle. They want their children to be safe from terror.

Pelosi's response:

I do not always agree completely with the Speaker, but I think she is a strong leader and stands up to this dastardly administration when she feels she absolutely has to...bravo Speaker Pelosi

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