Thursday, March 6, 2008


a spring shout out for my friend, a local hoboken artist whose work is part of a new show at the jersey city museum, opening on march 20th...

SPRAWL at the jersey city museum

SPRAWL is a bold, multi-venue exhibition that brings together works by 41 New Jersey artists that focus on the state’s legacy of ‘sprawl’ and its effect on urban, suburban, rural and marginalized landscapes.

Artists in SPRAWL: Mauro Altamura, Aileen Bassis, Pat Brentano, Jason Burch, Brendan Carroll, Hector Canonge, Michael Dal Cerro, Paul Ching-Bor, Lisa Dahl, Tim Daly, Jessica Demcsak, Andrew Demirjian, Dahlia Elsayed, Rebecca Feranec, Jonathan Glick, Patrick Grenier, Susan Evans Grove, Emily Helck, Owen Kanzler, Robert Kogge, Michelle Loughlin, Valeri Larko, Gregory Maka, Megan Maloy, María Mijares, Richard Pasquarelli, Deborah Pohl, Ben Polsky, Debbie Reichard, Bryony Romer, Joseph Gerard Sabatino Roger Sayre, Leslie Sheryll, Nyugen Smith, Roger Tucker, Ana-Mária Vág, Kimberly Witham, Andrew Wilkinson and Bryan Zanisnik.

also, i'm eager to check out the plywood hummer by ryan roa!

and, bonné boche, the colorful, spring flower display of carson fox...

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