Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama Passport Breached

The State Department says it is trying to determine whether three contract workers had a political motive for looking at Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's passport file.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said that for now it appears that nothing other than "imprudent curiosity" was involved in three separate breaches of the Illinois senator's personal information, "but we are taking steps to reassure ourselves that that is, in fact, the case."

From the Obama Campaign:

This is an outrageous breach of security and privacy, even from an administration that has shown little regard for either over the last eight years," Burton said. "Our government's duty is to protect the private information of the American people, not use it for political purposes."

This story is too new to be discussing what happened and how, but this juicy tidbit was just discovered. On March 12 Hillary questioned Barack's travel:

"As voters evaluate you as a potential Commander-in-Chief, do you think it’s legitimate for people to be concerned that you have traveled to only one NATO country, on a brief stopover trip in 2005, and have never traveled to Latin America?"
Now the question is, how did Hillary Clinton campaign know about the countries that Obama visited?

In the aftermath of the Obama passport breach something stinks in the Clinton camp. What is more on the Huffington Post - one of the people in charge during the Obama breach was a former Ambassador to Paraguay under Clinton. "I don't know, sure sounds fishy." McCain and Clinton also breached, but it seems at this point to a lesser extent.

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