Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Technical Difficulties in Voting in Hoboken, New Jersey

The voting precinct where Governor Corzine votes is having technical difficulties. That is not surprising, but quite ironic would you not say? A big Hillary supporter too...though, I support his right to vote, don't I? Of course I do.

The latest polls in New Jersey show the polls tightening. We'll see though. Zogby shows them at 48 -43. It would be a huge win for Obama, regardless nearly the same delegates will be given out and this thing is looking like it will go to the convention.

Anyway, let us all go vote and let the best candidate have the bragging rights, wink, wink - Obama?


magda flores said...

My brother just called from his polling place in Jersey and said he voted right..er...Obama.

Hope they fix the difficulties. Go vote all you Tsunami/Super/Duper Tuesday folks!

Oh and happy Mardi Gras!

Anonymous said...

The parade is going on here and in NYC and these Giants fans are ridiculous. I hope you all voted!!