Sunday, February 10, 2008

women for barack obama

ok, a few days past super tuesday but check out this clip, women for barack obama rally, and listen to samantha power (pulitzer prize winner and barack's foreign policy advisor) inspire the crowd.


Anonymous said...

Barack the Vote 2008

Prof. Goldblatt Ph.D. said...

Any Democratic candidate who cannot win California and
New York should call it a day.

Obama could not win a single Electoral College megastate vital for
any Democratic candidate, with the sole exception of
his own home base of Illinois.


He proudly lists Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, North
Dakota, and Utah. What do these states have in common?
They are states which a Democrat could never win in a
general election.

Delaware is a perfect state for Obama ­ ri h
Volvo-driving, chablis and brie elitists in the
Philadelphia suburbs, but it does not look like
America. Colorado is another Obama state where the
well-off suburban voter can be decisive in a
Democratic primary. True, Obama won Connecticut, which
has some union voters, but it looks like Greenwich,
Cos Cob, and Yale carried the day. Missouri might fall
to Clinton on a recount; in any case, the race was
very close. Minnesota is a special case because of the
Democrat Farmer-Labor Party; this was in any case a
state that went for Mondale, for various reasons ­ not
a good bellwether.

Love your liberty? Why add amendment to the constitution?
Love your liberty? Why support warrantless wiretapping?
And a smoking ban.


--- Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®

Anonymous said...

Ok, so what about South Carolina, and Iowa, Maine, Washington State and of course Louisiana? Your argument makes no sense at all.

California and New York will be in the hands of a democrat in the general anyway. What difference does it make?

Democrats are clamoring for something new, not the same old politics.