Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Debate in Ohio

Barack Obama has a mesmerizingly and awestriking way of answering questions. I have not ever seen this in a candidate for President where he is not trying to strike points against his opponent, but trying to answer the question truthfully and honestly, what I think is his most appealing quality and why his campaign is doing so well. I think the pundits have it all wrong on him, that he is not good in debates that Hillary beats him (no doubt she is good).

Toward the end of the debate there was a question regarding Minister Farrakhan and could have been troubling for him. It stuttered a bit and then Clinton tried to hit him and he refreshingly answered it honestly, recovering and even scoring some points with the audience.

Tim Russert, I thought was outright unfair in some instances to both candidates and I think this is a situation where MSNBC tried to be part of the dialogue instead of asking questions. I thought it a bit shameful. It is gotcha politics and has nothing to do with the candidates. Russert did it with Clinton as well on the Iraq situation and she rightly shut him down.

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