Sunday, February 17, 2008


our guest columnist, ms. alice, shares some of her favorite nyc sushi spots...

yummy sushi village

The sushi quality is pretty good and it is pretty reliable. The price is very reasonable especially for the quality of the food. The atmosphere is fairly low key and for the NYU crowd. They have a sushi eating contest that is worth checking out, but beware that if you don't finish, u r gonna have to pay for all the pieces that u pick to eat.

avenue a sushi

Their special boats are a great deal. You get lots of sashimi and oysters! I didn't expect to get oysters but i enjoyed those little morsels very much. The uni, which is the yardstick i use to measure the quality of a restaurant's sushi, did not disappoint. You get a lot of food for the value and the fish is very fresh. The only criticism that I have is that the bathroom could have been cleaner but i think that one should overlook it simply because the food is amazing and u can't beat the value.


We came here because we heard that the chef formerly worked at nobu. We wanted to eat at place with nobu quality, but without the high costs. We ordered the omakase and the chef was willing to reveal what he was going to include in his omakase, unlike other restaurants, which like to play hide the ball. Although we had to wait awhile for our food, we were treated to complimentary edamame and miso soup. Our omakase was worth the wait. The arrangement of the fish was on ice cubes in a big bowl. The sashimi pieces were very fresh and there was plenty of it. Sometimes, sashimi can be overwhelming, but the arrangement here was just right. Also there were some original pieces in there. Next, came the nigiri pieces, which were equally fresh and innovative. This was all for $60 per person.

and, a word to the wise...

East 53

The food is simply gross. The rice crumbled apart immediately and the fish tasted frozen and unfresh. Also, there was an omnipresent fly lurking around the window, near where I ate. Do not come here for good food.

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