Sunday, February 10, 2008

Amazingly, Obama Sweeps

Obama won in Nebraska by a huge margin 68 - 32 percent and won in Washington 68-31% and finally as the night subsided a large, but expected victory in Louisiana. Washington state was the only state in play really from projections on Saturday. But, today as Maine wound up the weekend (she was favored) Obama is projected in a landslide. With 70% of the precincts reporting he is leading 59-41%.
As we move into the Chesapeake primary of Virginia, Maryland and D.C. which he is projected to win and then on to Hawaii and Wisconsin on February 19th, also two favorable states for him it is difficult to understand how Hillary Clinton comes back from this. Certainly, Texas and Ohio loom on March 4th which at this point she is heavily favored, but momentum is momentum.

The only state she is currently fighting for right now is Virginia. The latest polls in Maryland and Virginia are as follows:

Maryland: Obama 57%, Clinton 31%

Virginia: Obama 55%, Clinton 37%

Of course, Mrs. Clinton was counted out before, so Magda, Thelonious and co. please continue the fight in the Chesapeake!!
Whoops!! Forgot about the Virgin Islands. Obama overwhelmed Clinton there.


magda flores said...

The wins will come down here in MD & DC. Let's just hope Virginny gets it right.

LadyLiberal said...

Don't forget about his win in Maine on Sunday!! Or his Grammy win Sunday night! I hope the momentum continues through March 4 and beyond - we cannot have another Clinton administration!

Anonymous said...

If you read all the way through, Maine is there...lady liberal. Here come the Patomac.