Friday, February 1, 2008

Bias in Hoboken

This is disgusting and embarrassing for Hoboken. Five minutes from New York City and you might as well be in the midwest. Pathetic.

WNBC reported that Carrie Covello, 37, of Hoboken, allegedly tried to rip the turban off a Sikh man’s head over at Madison Bar & Grill early yesterday morning.

38-year old Hansdip Singh Bindra, of Union City said “I was just placing an order, and thought someone was trying to rip my turban off.” He thought this was the last thing you’d expect, even being at a bar filled with intoxicated patrons after midnight. He claims Covello wanted him to remove his turban because she didn’t like it. He then advised the bouncer of the situation, but called the police anyway, who eventually arrested the woman and charged her with bias intimidation and harassment. Penalties vary from probation to a year and a half in prison, if she’s convicted. He said that if bias crimes like this go without consequences, they’re apt to commit them again.


Launchpad said...

>> Five minutes from New York City and you might as well be in the midwest. Pathetic. <<

As a native midwesterner who's lived in New Jersey much of my life, I'm choosing to assume that this statement was made with tongue at least somewhat in cheek!

There have been plenty of bias incidents just in the last decade or so in New York City, NY State, and throughout the Northeast.

The Midwest is actually a pretty diverse region, with many different voices. Those old stereotypes about the Midwest, South, etc. are about as accurate as the ones about New Yorkers, Northeasterners, etc.

Daddydan said...

I completely agree with launchpad. New Jersey, unfortunately, has plenty of its own problems, that have no connection at all with the Midwest. Although, I would venture to say that NJ, especially around NYC, is a bit more diverse than a state like Iowa, Nebraska, or Indiana. however, as a native of the Garden state, I can say that NJ has plenty of its homegrown provincialism. Backwards-ass people don't grow up in one part of the country...they can be found everywhere.

Kid Radical said...

Ok, people...NYC happens to be one of the most diverse places on the planet. Jersey City is actually the most diverse city in the fucking world. Hoboken borders it. There are every kind of people (and I mean every ethnic group inthe world) living literally five minutes away. The fact that we have such diversity (with diversity comes understanding or at least tolerance for other cultures) and a bias crime happens here makes it all that much worse - a bias crime that was in play day with not thought that they were doing something wrong.

The midwest sure, has some diversity, but it neither compares to the metropolitan new york area, nor to anywhere else that is as diverse, such as London, Paris, etc.

If you have issues about the midwest please deal with them (or New Jersey for that matter). It was not a slight at the midwest, but a slight at how small town Hoboken can be...which most of the midwest also is...I grew up in Boston and know that boston happens to be as racist a place as places in the south. I won't defend it - I just know it exists.