Friday, February 22, 2008

The Debate in Austin

A couple of clips from the debate where Obama did well. This is for my mom who told me she had to work and could not see the debate. Since she is a huge fan of Barack Obama and I get MOST of my political instincts from her I wanted to do a bit of a wrap-up.

I thought the debate was a tie. Barack did very well, though at times seemed to go through the motions. I did love his immigration arguments (as well as Hillary), his belief in changing the system and why he can do it and the fight on the plagiarism charge (which is simply preposterous). See why below and why Hillary did the same thing. Anyway, they both did well and I don't think it will change things.

Keith's wrap-up on the debate which is near perfect.

And certainly Hillary's best moment in the debate. Was it conciliatory or was it a new day in the Clinton campaign? I am not sure. It may be her best moment in the campaign, although at first I thought it was a little pandering, but then she did score. Although, Talking Points Memo says she took the line from her husband in the 1992 campaign.

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