Thursday, October 4, 2007

Radiohead Rips the System!

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Oct 10. That is the date that fans of the most innovative mainstream band in the world, Radiohead, will have the opportunity to get their first listen to In Rainbows, the newest album by the British rockers. But only through the Internet. Thom Yorke and his band have decided to digitally release the entire album first on their official website,, instead of fighting to find a record label first. The physical copy will only be available in December. You can pre-order both at their site.
But that is not the biggest news, although that alone is groundbreaking. The real news is that the CD will be able to be downloaded for any price you want. That is correct. You go to the site, and put in how much you want to pay for the digital version, and they send it to you. Holy Socialism! As NPR put it yesterday, "Radiohead is circumventing the pricing system and the label system, in one fell swoop."
Change is coming.

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