Friday, October 26, 2007

bring back the 80s!

maybe i'm obsessing over my 20th high school reunion or just nostalgic for the past but i'm embracing the 80s... the pop shop is back! and i'm thrilled. well, it's just an online store now but that still makes me happy. i spent many an afternoon (& dollars) at the pop shop on lafayette street in the 80s... wondering if i would meet the ultra-famous keith haring. i loved the crazy graffiti art, the spirit & fun vibe of the gallery-store space, and the affordable art. i have so many memories of riding in my parents' car on FDR drive, waiting to catch a glimpse of his 1986 mural crack is wack. i had countless tee-shirts with his cartoon-ish images that promoted social messages. i gave away haring buttons, used haring patches on my ripped jeans and pinned his quirky bright character images on my schoolbags. haring's inflatable "radiant baby" even traveled with me to college and added some much needed chic to my dreary dorm room.

take a look at the site, read about his life, artwork and buy something to brighten up your day, or someone else's...

brief store history:

In 1986, New York artist Keith Haring opened the Pop Shop in downtown Manhattan. Haring saw the Pop Shop as an extension of his work, a fun boutique where his art could be accessible to everyone. For nearly twenty years, the shop continued to be a downtown attraction with floor-to-ceiling murals and affordable clothing and gift items all featuring Keith Haring’s unique icons. In September, 2005, the Pop Shop finally closed its doors to the public. Keith Haring's work continues to be displayed around the world at galleries and museums and in public spaces (view exhibitions and public projects).

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