Monday, October 15, 2007

blog action day--the SG readers green tips & more!

green tips from SG readers:

My green tip is for everyone to help the environment by shopping at any store or venue that sells or recycles already used items. Whether it's flea markets, thrift stores like St. Mary's (in Hoboken), Salvation Army, auctions, gate sales, eclectic stores like MackeyBlue, Craigslist, freecycle, antique stores like Erie Street and even what you might find at the curb, when you're in need for something in your home, try these places first. You'd be surprised at how much shops and recycling sites have to offer not to mention the wide array of cool things you could come across with more character and intrigue than brand new items. Also, the prices are probably alot easier on your bank account as well. Try it, you'll be surprised what you may find and what you may learn in the process!

Save the arts & the environment in one fell swoop! Become a donor at
Materials for the Arts, NYC helps artists realize their visions, provides students with a richer educational experience, and furnishes businesses with a simple and efficient way to enhance the cultural life of their city while promoting environmental awareness and reuse.

Recycle your electronics at a BTTF while supporting a nj women's business:
Back Thru The Future (BTTF) is a recognized industry leader in the proper environmental handling of electronics and secure data destruction for hard drives, PDAs, cell phones, cds and backup media. Based in Ogdensburg, New Jersey with close proximity to New York City, BTTF is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

Twist and spout! Place Twist and Spout on your soda or water bottles and instantly give them renewed life as ergonomic pourers! Fits virtually any soda or water bottle with a screw-on cap.

Recycled bottles = art!

I cut up old tee shirts that are stained or that I no longer wear to make rags. I use these rags over and over again for cleaning dishes, my counters, dusting, cleaning the floors and wiping up messes. I also save dryer sheets and use them for dusting and cleaning as well.

for hudson county residents: here's a list of household hazardous waste items you can recycle in nearby jersey city.

and 2 articles for green reading today:

1. from mother jones: There are more untapped oil and gas reserves in the Arctic than almost anywhere else in the world—and with the ice melting, the race to get to them is about to turn ugly.

2. from grist: read an interview with julia butterfly hill (my green hero) about her struggle to save the redwoods (i read her book "the legacy of luna" to learn about her vigil living high up in the trees) and her environmental action group circle of life.

her one piece of advice? "Get rid of disposability consciousness -- every paper bag, paper plate, paper napkin, plastic to-go container, and Styrofoam cup. I have walked on the earth that is connected to the thread at the other end of those horrific choices, and I am not being overdramatic when I say disposables are weapons of mass destruction."

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