Thursday, October 18, 2007 consume or not to consume...

ever since i read not buying it, by judith levine, about a nyc couple who stop buying stuff for a year, i think twice about what i buy-- do i really need this? i tried to write down all my spending every day, and i made rules for what i could buy a la judith. well, that experiment fizzled out quickly (one month). i just kept the guilt going and avoided my favorite boutiques. i seem to only buy the essentials now but i do obsessively buy books and comix as well as handmade cards.

recently i've been reading about kate bingaman-burt who takes obsession to a new level. her artist's statement:

I documented my purchases for 28 months. Every purchased item was photographed at the point of sale or soon after. Every receipt was archived and tagged. All of the documentation was uploaded to my website I created a brand out of the process to package and promote - an infinite loop of consumerism was born.

check out kate's new show at the jen bekman gallery --6 spring street, nyc. and bonus! this saturday kate will speak about her work & exhibition along with author michael perry.

see ya there so we can obsess together...

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