Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Uncounted: How the 2004 Election Was Stolen

As we move within two weeks of the 2008 election I want to remind folks that if you do not remember the 2004 election was stolen. If we think this cannot happen again, then think again. Remember the exit polls were way off in 10 of 11 battleground states all in the direction of Bush. A statistical fact that cannot be proved outside of blatant fraud. This happened. Just because people will not accept it doesn't make it not so. Here is a statistical report that explains exit polls and how this did not happen by accident.

Exit polls were used shortly after the 2004 election to prove the Republic of Ukraine President fixed the election. From pressure from the United States the sitting President was forced to resign. But, not in America. We sit by like sheep and believe what our leaders tell us. Why would someone who started a war based on lies then steal an election?

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