Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Hate at McCain Rallies

Every time Keith does a special comment, Joe Scarborough on "Morning Joe" refutes him subtly. This morning on "Morning idiot" he and his right wing thinkless idiots were saying the media is jumping all over McCain, but Obama has more negative attack ads than any other candidate in Presidential history. Why is the media such stooges, they ask?

This is so ludicrous on its face; do they actually believe this? We have people at McCain/Palin rallies screaming "kill him" "Obama bin Lyin" signs, Obama monkey dolls, surrogates in full police uniform calling him Barack Hussein Obama, Palin saying he pals around with terrorists and other supporters saying he is an Arab, an Arab terrorist. If this is not inciting violence, it is pretty close. I suppose it only incites until the violence happens, but the vitriol at these rallies are unnerving. Can these idiots not see this? Do they not see McCain's terrorist ads are responsible for this.

As to John Lewis, Keith mentions him in his brief special comment. Congressman Lewis not only remembers the 60's and the violence that occurs he was privy and up close and personal with it. He had his skull cracked open on the Petuluma bridge in the Selma march. He was beaten viciously by white supremacist cops during sit-ins of the freedom marchers. He was the President of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), an organization that helped change the world. This is a person who knows about violence and hate and can smell it when it starts to become rotten.

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