Friday, October 10, 2008

Connecticut Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage

Same-sex couples won the right to marry in Connecticut in a historic ruling by the Supreme Court today. Citing the equal protection clause of the state constitution, the justices ruled that civil unions were discriminatory and that the state's "understanding of marriage must yield to a more contemporary appreciation of the rights entitled to constitutional protection."

In Kerrigan v. Commissioner of Public Health the Majority in a narrow 4-3 decision said: "Interpreting our state constitutional provisions in accordance with firmly established equal protection principles leads inevitably to the conclusion that gay persons are entitled to marry the otherwise qualified same sex partner of their choice... To decide otherwise would require us to apply one set of constitutional principles to gay persons and another to all others."

The opposition is not finished, however; in less than a month in the November election voters in Connecticut will be asked if a Constitutional Convention should be convened. This was also done in Massachusetts if I remember correctly and when cooler heads prevailed it failed miserably. I think it is over for the "man and a woman" arguments in Connecticut.

It is looking like Fall, 2008 is a time for enormous change. Let the frenzy begin.

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