Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Republican Hatemonger Machine

I saw this commercial down here in Florida a minute ago and I am shocked. Nothing to report on early voting yet, but the commercials against Obama are noteworthy and of course hateworthy. Obama's commercials are more contrast ads, not disgustingly xenophopic. Regardless, the commercial opens with the issue of illegal immigrants and then says Barack Obama's plan gives a drivers license to illegal immigrants with a picture of Mohammed Atta with an illegal drivers license. No explanation that this was actually done under Bush. But, it goes on from there. And ends with: Obama "too radical, too risky." Paid for by the Republican hate monger machine. Unbelievable. This election cannot come any sooner for me.

A point of note, however Obama will be in Sarasota tomorrow and I am hopeful I will be there too.

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