Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Progressive Economic Bail-Out that Protects Consumers is Needed

What would a progressive economic bail-out look like? It would not be providing $700 billion dollars to the people who put us in this crisis. It is silly and I support the Congressional Progressive Caucus' Plan. See below Dennis Kucinich discuss the Congressional Progressive Caucus Plan.

Here is part of the PCP plan. Go here to see for yourself:

1) First and foremost Wall street is responsible. A proposal of a 0.25% on all stock trades and more exotic trades which would raise (not put the tax payer in debt) 150 billion dollars and takes the money from the speculators and traders on Wall Street.

2) The American people must be provided equity in the companies that it bails out.

3) Bankruptcy reform that was slammed through in 2005 that has put many Americans in serious jeopardy.

4) Safeguard consumer rights, provide tough independent oversight, and establish a transparent regulatory system that is updated for the 21st century.

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