Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Town Hall Meeting that Wasn't

If this was supposed to be a town hall meeting they forgot to tell the town hall. What was there like six questions from the audience? That is the problem with these debates, the corporatization of them and the Commission on Presidential debates. Outside of that this was a blow-out for Obama in the context of this election. McCain did nothing, but propose a new $300 billion dollar bail-out and call Obama "that one" dismissively. It was a veiled something that is for sure, but what? Judge for yourself. Here it is:

Obama was cool and explanatory like a professor. Ordinarily that might bore Americans and it may have, but last night it came off as someone who can lead the nation in the midst of all these crises and that is precisely what he needs to do.

This was my favorite moment of the debate. McCain the hot head. I like it when Obama gets a little heated because he is usually calm, cool and collected.

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