Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The SG Readers Have Spoken. The Red Sox Will Win the World Series

By a vote of 44% to 32% the Red Sox will win the World Series say the Subversive Garden readers. the Red Sox open against the Angels on Wednesday and the Yankees (2nd. place finisher) will open against the Indians in Cleveland on Thursday.

I have to say I don't much like the format this year. The Red Sox will play three games in six days. It is usually two games on and one travel day and the playoffs are decided in a matter of weeks. It makes the playoffs so exciting because elimination is right around the corner very quickly. As opposed to the rest of the major sports. Though, I think it has everything to do with TV and ratings which I find repugnant.

Last night's playoff game between the Padres and the Rockies was played at 7:37 (in the east) and really should have been played at 1 PM so the teams could have adequate travel time to get to their next destination. But, it was played at night so the optimal amount of people can watch. And by the way if last night's coverage is any indication it will be a boring first week. TBS has no idea what they are doing. A thirteen inning game that was entirely boring. Nothing to do with the play, but the coverage was dreadful.

My hope is for a Red Sox v. Cubs world series. My belief is that the Colorado Rockies will be playing the, yes...though I dare to say it the Yankees. ugghhh...here is rooting against my brain and for my heart.


Anonymous said...

It is insipid to develop a blog about NJ and declare loyalty to the Red Sox. I guess you don't know much about Jersey and how many great Yankees (and Yankee fans) live in the Garden State - the recently passed Phil Rizzuto and the iconic Yogi Berra to name two of the most prominent. A blog that received a whopping 34 votes for WS champions should seriously reconsider alienating the considerable Yankee fan base in NJ. You are not subversive, just out of touch...

Kid Radical said...

I was raised a Red Sox fan and now live in New Jersey? Is that difficult for you to understand? I can explain it better if you need it. I am having a little fun and light heartedness...is that ok with you?

I would alienate every yankee fan I know if I could (outside of daddydan of course) because Yankee fans turn off the team when they are losing and jump on the bandwagon in droves when they are winning. When the Yanks are eliminated there won't be a Yankee fan in sight. Real fans struggle with their team, they do not expect to win every year and if they don't go buy the next team.

You just gave me every reason why I will root against the Yankees at all cost. Thank you.

Look at the rest of the blog. It is all subversive...and quite informative if I do say so myself. It strikes me as odd why you would come on our blog (seems you are probably one of the vacuous idiots on Hoboken 411) and cause trouble. I would expect nothing less from you.

Go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yankee fans are the most insufferable people I know...absolutely insufferable. Go get 'em SG. Yankees lose in 4 to the Indians.

Daddydan said...

as a real Yankee fan, I am sorry that the anonymous writer somehow tried to represent Yankee fans. I do not give up on a team I have followed through thick and thin, since the days of Alvaro Espinoza. Rickey henderson, and Donnie baseball.

And the Red Sox have bought there team just as much as the yanks...manny, curt, dk, are all hired guns in for the long run.

Baseball is a business. The Red Sox included. but a comment that a NJ blog is not subversive by having Red Sox fans on it is idiotic, and irrelevant.

Kid Radical said...

beg to differ on the Yanks and Sox, daddydan. I realize Yankee fans your age did suffer the eighteen year drought that is true...but no team represents what is wrong with baseball more than the Yanks.

Yes, Red Sox have hired guns, but there are limits for them (alex rodriguez). Yanks have no limits at all and endless resources and re-up every year. Their payroll still dwarfs the sox this year.

Both Yanks and Sox made strides this year in grooming talent rather than buying it. Hope it continues.

Anonymous said...

Go to this link to see the MLB team payrolls. Yanks are 50 million ahead of the Red Sox this year. The only reason they are even this close is because of Dice K and the money they had to pay his team.


Paul Newell said...

Oh bah humbug, KR.

No one is more insufferable than Red Sox fans claiming to stand for the downtrodden. They are baseball teams, and it's a business. You want to propose an NFL style revenue sharing system, I agree.
But don't give me this "it's unfair" trash. Yes the Yanks have a bigger payroll. But somehow the Sox, and indeed Cleveland, seem to be able to play as well. The Mets have the exact same TV market as the Yanks and somehow they can't compete.

The Yankees traditionally do well because they have a tradition of doing well.

And another thing, you will never hear a Yankee fan hating on or feeling holier-than-thou than Red Sox or Mets fans. A little laughter maybe, but no hatred. Somehow Red Sox fans feel that they have been aggrieved because their team is not as good.

Go Yankees Go!

Kid Radical said...

Paul Newell,

Another insufferable making excuses about their team. I never said it was not a business, nor did I say it is unfair. I actually do not want a revenue sharing like the NFL because I think it waters down talent and the games. It is fun to have a Yankee team to hate. And they are soooooooo easy to hate.

Yankee fans are the most spoiled fans I have ever seen...bar none. And I am starting to see the same type of behavior in Patriots fans. They do not appreciate anything...except of course their beloved Derek Jeter. I don't know how many Yankee fans woke up in 2003 not knowing that Aaron Boone had hit a Home Run to win it...because they all went to bed and could not bare to watch. It is all about winning.

Yankee fans only want a winner and that is it, they take no joy in the game and the beauty of going to the ball park. No, they love to rub it in - in other fans faces, expecially Red Sox and Mets fans. Now, that 1918 is no longer a cause celeb it is how many titles have you won?

It is all about superiority and not really loving your team, but loving winning and that is purely sad because you miss out.

BTW Mets are doing just fine. Yeah, they may not have made it this year, but their team is on the right track...

Go Mets!!!!!!!!!!!! And Red Sox.

Paul Newell said...

Where do you get this idea that Yankee fans five up on their team? I've never heard it before, and never seen it. Ok people were unjustly rough on A-Rod for a while there, but nothing like Bill Buckner literally being run out of town. Nobody leaves the Bronx early. You are thinking about the Dodgers.

I've got nothing against the Mets or the Rox. I just can't stand it when their fans act as if they are somehow oppressed.

You wanna root for the Sox, Mazel Tov. I'm a Yankee fan, and will continue to be proud of 26 series wins. If you can't be proud of your team's success, why would you be a sports fan at all?

Anyway, I get my sports misery from the Knicks (and I'm not getting into Celtics fans).

Kid Radical said...

I feel ya pn I feel ya. I know these boston fans have problems...they embarrass on a weekly basis sometimes. Though, I have to say when I checked out the Sox in the bronx this year we were nearly killed for rooting for them...

And I agree we ain't oppressed. Just compared to you guys. Rooting for the Indians or Cubs is oppressed. But, we used to be and it is hard to get out of there I guess.

Hopefully, we will meet again for another historic ALCS. Maybe not, though could be Indians and Angels.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the original comment. Unfortunately, you have failed to address my point. Look at your post in the context of this blog. Your audience is NJ, not Red Sox transplants in NJ. If you are interested in generating interest, you should re-evaluate what you post about. Are you a writer or a red sox fan? Apparently, not much of either (if you remember, the Red Sox tried to get A-Rod just before the Yankees succeeded: "Yes, Red Sox have hired guns, but there are limits for them (alex rodriguez)"

Please, do some homework. And my support of the Yankees remains solid whether we win or lose - I too grew up with Espinoza - Remember Bobby Meacham at short? Please read my comment carefully before your fingers release your aggression on the keyboard prematurely. You all come off amateurish - which is, in the end, what makes it your blog.

Kid Radical said...

First of all it is interesting that you can spell insipid because judging by your reasoning it is hard to imagine you can spell a word longer than four letters.

It is also likely you come from the jungle pit of Hoboken 411 that would sell its mother to the wolves to receive an extra dollar.

You miss the point entirely. And I mean entirely. Let me explain it to you. This blog is about real issues like the danger in not following the constitution, endless war, corporate power and peace as well as off beat arts and culture. If you think the readers that read this blog give a rats ass who wins the world series then you are even more "off" than I suspect.

Go back to the vacuous halls of hoboken 411 where you can talk about where you can buy fondue or see the latest underwear ads. The people who read this blog care about our world, care to try and make it better if we can and try to do our part. Baseball is light and just for fun though I am passionate about it, there are less than 10 posts about baseball I imagine.

Yes, I love to rub Yankee fans because you are an easy target. And I mean that completely the way it sounds...you are like the bully who can give it, but can't take it.

And how hard it must have been to suffer for eighteen years. Try 86, 101, 49 pick any of them.

And I am not sure you know, but there is also a major league team called the New York Mets who I love almost as much as the Red Sox and if you searched could have seen various posts that adulate the Mets.