Friday, October 5, 2007

sarah, take two, on marriage and religion

sarah said during her 10/3 interview with the view ladies that she does not want the government involved in her love (with jimmy kimmel) since they are married in their hearts. when asked about god being involved in their love, sarah says with sweetness, "i don't have religion."

but she does play dress up with jesus!

get your own jesus dress up fridge magnets here, with many styles to choose from...


John F. said...

hilarious, i love her take it or leave it comedy, i rented the first season of her ComCentral show and at first i was soso, but then it grew on me, in a world of mostly doubletalk, she's a nice absurdist kick in the ass to an insane world. plus the clip of her from the Video Music Awards was by far, i saw it on YouTube, don't have cable, probably a good thing, her monologue was the only worthwhile thing. hurray for making God a little more fun for all ages.

Anonymous said...

well put john. i couldn't agree more... she's a tough gal. watch her in jeff garlin's new movie, someone to eat cheese with.