Monday, September 1, 2008

World Renowned Journalist Amy Goodman Arrested at the Republican Convention

This is from the Democracy Now! website. One of the best shows on television and as far as I am concerned THE best journalist working today. Go to their website to find out how good it is. Democracy Now! Below is their rapid press release and the video of the arrest. We live in a police state folks.

Getting word as it plays -- Amy Goodman and two other crew from DemocracyNow! are being detained by police for "probable cause for riot (?)." Happening now -- just got word. Phoned in to other DN! crew to see what we can do. Waiting to hear if it's an arrest or "detained." Should have a report on the live broadcast later today. Police scene here over the top. We chased the raids all day Saturday and I'll blog about some of that later. Meanwhile, in phone contact with DN! and if any help is needed behind the scenes, we're there.

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