Sunday, September 14, 2008

Waiting on the World to Change

I keep thinking of this song, we are all waiting on the world to change. Yet, we see how this everlasting conservative plunder of our country keeps on and if we wait - it will not change. We need to make it change and that change needs to happen now. I am so deeply troubled by the infotainment that masks for news and the distractions that masks for issues while the economy tanks, wars become common place and bigotry a weapon to wedge us. I pledge to do all I can...and stop waiting...for the world to change...

"it's hard to beat the system
when we're standing at a distance
so we keep waiting
waiting on the world to change
now if we had the power
to bring our neighbors home from war
they would have never missed a Christmas
no more ribbons on their door
and when you trust your television
what you get is what you got
cause when they own the information, oh
they can bend it all they want"

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