Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Does the $300,000 Buy?

Cindy McCain's outfit at the Rethuglican convention last night cost $300,000. And Barack Obama is elitist? That aside Daily Kos asks what can $300,000 buy?

From Daily Kos:

Didn't Cindy McCain look pretty this week? As often happens with celebrity women at high powered events, the fashionistas have been on the prowl at the RNCC and are dishing on every passing skirt, pant suit, and set of heels. The fashion experts at Vanity Fair estimated the value of Cindy McCain's outfit on Tuesday night to be in the range of $300,000. That's a lot of bling.

So, what does $300,000 buy in America?- An average American home ---- plus $80,000 in upgrades.
- Full, four year college tuition, plus room and board, for two students
- Nearly four times the average retirement savings for persons age 45 to 62.
- Roughly ten full-time community organizers working to make neighborhoods and America better.
- Ten full-time special needs caregivers for a year
- Twelve full-time maids for each of your seven homes.
- 6,000 hours of picking lettuce at $50 per hour
- 600 pairs of John McCain's $500 Italian loafers
And last, but not least.......- One outfit for Cindy McCain to wear on national TV while she explains to America that John McCain and the Republicans understand their economic and social woes. Pffft. Believe that and I've got a "Bridge to Nowhere" I'd like to show you......


magda flores said...

Ugh. I read about this. They say Obama is out of touch with America. Um, yeah.

BTW - did you see that the RNC is the least diverse in FORTY YEARS!!! 36 African Americans seated on the floor out of several thousand. Nice.

Jami said...

Brilliant post on Cindy McCain's outfit..! We can do much more things with 300,000 dollar.