Monday, September 1, 2008

John McCain's Judgment

Ok, so now in addition to a serious abuse of power issue in what is being dubbed "troopergate" Governor Palin's 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant, and the Governor was once a member of a secessionist party in Alaska. There is actually more... I understand that Obama thinks families are off limits and I respect him for that, but her idea that "abstinence" is an actual policy to keep kids from not getting pregnant or having sex or contracting diseases is an issue and it places her in the ridiculous position of being a hypocrite and foolish like the rest of the Rethuglicans. Pathetic. It also places John McCain's judgment front and center, begging the question why on earth would he choose this obscure Governor from Alaska?

See below what is actually the best argument on why she has no business on the ticket. Campbell Scott, who I have never really had an opinion of seriously challenges this bozo from the McCain campaign on her foreign policy credibility, which is none. The McCain argument is "yeah, but Obama doesn't either." She tears apart that argument. It is worth every second.

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