Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is Spain Our Enemy?

I have heard the euphemism an enemy of my friend is my enemy, but I have not heard the euphemism a friend of mine is my enemy if I misunderstand the interviewer's question. As Josh Marshall says McCain would rather have an international incident than admit he misunderstood. I don't five a f*** what kind of experience this guy has, I don't want him anywhere near the military. Watch below and see Spain become our enemy in the blink of an eye or that McCain thinks Spain is part of Latin America.

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Anonymous said...

We need, as the American people, to not only see McCain's medical records, but to see if he is mentally able to lead this country. Remember Reagan getting fed lines by Bush I? This interview is all-too-reminiscent of the early Alzheimer's days of Ronnie.

If McCain gets even close to getting elected, the entire American public should get tested for mental problems.