Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cafferty Goes off on Palin

Jack Cafferty goes off on Governor Palin the way many of us here have wanted to do and have done. This is how I feel about Governor Palin right now. I watch these tapes of interviews (two now) and start to feel bad for her. Because this is not about Sarah Palin, it is about John McCain. His choice. She is a small-town Governor who won a big Governor seat 20 months ago. She has not studied these issues at all, she has no idea about them. It is completely obvious. It doesn't make her bad, it makes her normal, but we are not looking for normal in the White House, especially after these years. We need competence and preparation of which she seems to have none.

The religious crazy shit scares me, no doubt, but that doesn't make her not fit to serve, these answers certainly do though. She has simply no idea what she is talking about.

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