Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Save our Starbucks?

Really? Are people truly mobilizing to save the 600 Starbucks that are going out of business? Maybe they should turn around. There's most likely another one across the street. In fact, they are opening one in my grocery store. So much for Americans feeling the "crunch."

Wait...I some how got off the point. I just came across this great blog post about these loony Americans organizing to save the Starbucks. Check it out here.

Here is a choice excerpt:

"No, these citizens are mobilizing to keep the doors open at shops that charge them $4 (soon to be $12) for drinks made from agricultural products (coffee beans) that the company has no, true legal right to exploit without adequate compensation to the indigenous populations that have farmed these products for millennia."

I am the first to admit that yes, I'm a progressive that drinks Starbucks. I don't hate it, although I do have some problems with it. However, these people need to take their anger and put it towards some positive change...like asking Starbucks to only use fair trade coffee or encourage reuse of mugs or I dunno, forget Starbucks and pick up a pen to write your Congressperson about this unjust war we are fighting. Just a thought.

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putzy lepew said...

Bravo! I HATE Starbucks. I will admit to having one while in France though (shameful I know), but by the end of the week I need the burnt beans that Starbucks tries to pass off as strong coffee.

Simply ridiculous. Here is a question though...where are the Starbucks closing? Because there is also another one coming to Hoboken. Is it where folks don't have these sorts of places? I know the Newark Starbucks struggles and I supported it when I lived there.

Regardless, organize for the war, the reunification of Israel and Palestine as one, a democratic President, imperialism, something else please!