Thursday, July 3, 2008

Predicting the Obama Move to the Center (because the establisment says so)

What has bothered me about Obama's swift move to the center has been the energy that we (and I mean all of us who helped) gave and how quickly we were abandoned by the establishment, who lost by the way with their candidate Hillary Clinton. Obama has moved to the establishment and he looks more like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry that I could have ever imagined. What Obama is banking on is that the establishment will win him this election and who knows what he will owe after this, instead of again relying on us who got him here. I will not shut up about this. We need a progressive revolution like the New Deal, not another Bill Clinton who catered to the DLC.

If we think now it is us funding this campaing we are wrong!! He listened to us through the nomination and is now abandoning us shockingly swift. What is more unbelievable is this video below by Naomi Klein, author of the Shock Doctrine (the best book in 25 years) is she predicts the move accurately. This speech is the day after Hillary endorsed Barack in early June. She calls for us not to abandon Barack Obama, but to push him and push him where he needs to be before the establishment gets a hold of him (which they are already have obviously). What the FISA group is doing on his website is beautiful and fully in line with this notion. Go America.

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