Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Democratic-led Senate Will Gut the 4th Amendment Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, the Democratic led Senate will pass a law demanded by Dick Cheney and George Bush that will "cover up and retroactively legalize their surveillance crimes and protect the lawbreakers, there will be a clear record -- delivered to their front doors -- of what they're really doing, along with an accounting of the deceitful propaganda they are disseminating to mask and justify it."

These fact sheets make very good points especially the point that we live in a country with a prison population of 2.3 million people, mostly black and Hispanic. Yet, when the elites of our country blatantly attack the Constitution, gut the fourth amendment what is our Congress to do? Give them fucking immunity! And this is being led by the Democrats. Have I made this clear? I have tried to listen to my friends on why Obama would cave in and vote for this...not being labeled a terrorist in the general election, being the first black candidate (we don't know what it is like to be a black candidate and what he has to go through), all true statements, I might add.

But...as I have said, at some point policy matters, the Constitution matters. What is the point of becoming the President, the leader of the free world and letting those that have screwed this nation and several other nations at this point off Scot free, with what they want, an executive that is akin to a King. Do we think we should trust a Democrat with these powers? Are we that assured Obama will be elected? Do we trust him with this power? Do we trust anyone with the power to subvert the bill of rights?

We are in dangerous territory senselessly eroding what we hold dear, our American Democracy.


magda flores said...

I just recently watched Jericho, and well, this is reminiscent. Scary shit.

putzy lepew said...

What is Jericho? I saw it on your status? Isn't it about Nuclear War?