Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seven Month High for U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq

Not that you would know it. All we hear is Jeremiah Wright, Jeremiah Wright. We don't hear about the violence in Iraq or that we moved a new carrier into the Persian gulf to scare Iran. But, on Wednesday, 50 Americans were reported killed in Iraq for the first time in seven months (it is actually 51). The casualties are rising, no doubt. And of course the Iraqi casualties are always on the rise. In one battle alone 32 people were killed and 107 were wounded. A new report says that in the month of April alone at least 1,073 Iraqis were killed in fighting. These are astounding numbers when you can't even turn the T.V. on and get a report. And all we can talk about is things that do not matter to our lives. I know I am preaching, but it is shocking to me. What is that Steely Dan song? The things that pass for knowledge I can't understand..."

The Feds cut interest rates one more time to try and keep the recession or maybe even a depression at bay. I mean what the f***? If we spend 12 billion a month in Iraq (and of course the new forgotten war, Afghanistan) is there any wonder our finances are in a shambles? All this government cares about is keeping the dollar low for a high trade value and keep the oil prices sky rocketed so they can bilk us for the last seven months of this corporatocracy. Ughhhhh!!

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