Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Michelle Obama on the Colbert Report

This is great. Michelle Obama being first lady may be one of my favorite things about an Obama presidency.

Just a little taste of what you will get if you watch:

Colbert asking her why she would want to be first lady: "You'd never get any sleep because as I understand it the phone keeps ringing at 3am."

Maybe we'll get to meet her when we work in Philly this weekend? Can't hurt to dream can it?

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Kid Radical said...

I totally agree Magda. I adore Ms. Obama. Sometimes, I think - maybe she should be leading the ticket. Because in this contest twice I have been brought to tears and they were both by Ms. Obama - on CSPAN. Once in NH and once in SC. She is tremendously gifted.

I like the five spoons comment. Pretty good.