Thursday, April 17, 2008

I knew it Wouldn't Be Easy

I knew it wouldn't be easy taking the democratic party back from the corporatists who have controlled it since the days of Dukakis. Dukakis was the last of the democrats from the democratic wing of the democratic party until the Clintons moved in...then Gore and Kerry. Obama, despite some clearly warranted criticism is not like those corporatists.

But, last night was astonishing. 45 minutes before these fuckers asked a single question about substance. It was an all out attack on Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton doing her best to "twist the knife" as Barack says. All the blogs are talking about it. We knew the Clintons would not go down with out a fight, but who knew the corporate media (who hates the Clintons) would rather have them than a black man named Barack Obama. Who knew that these fuckers were so afraid of the people?

Last night was disgusting... But...I just found this video on Daily kos and Barack is making light of these fools and doing it well.


magda flores said...

It's just piling more and more on for McCain to use in the general. At this rate, he's a shoe in.

Kid Radical said...

As far as I am concerned at this point, what exactly is the difference between he and Hillary Clinton.

She lost my vote a loooooooooong time ago. If she wins the nomination she destroys the democratic party to do it and I am out of it...for good. It is senseless.