Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our New First Family

I wondered what I could write about this morning, it is such an historic day and words are sometimes inexpressive enough to capture a moment. I feel that today. This morning and last night, however several people commented to me I thought I might share. My mom called me last night at about 11:02, shortly after my twin brother called me to congratulate my hard work and react to the idiots at his job who keep talking about assassination. I urged him not to pay attention to such hateful talk. My mom could hardly speak, she said: "I am speechless" as she sobbed into the phone. I thought I might cry as well. "And they just called Florida, honey." "I am so happy." R. Thelonius lamented about the problems with Georgia, "wtf is wrong down there?" "But, my wife has a new boss and she is happy."

This morning as La Francaise cursed the day because she had to get up and go to work, we walked in Hoboken. First, infemity's partner was at the coffee house we usually frequent and I said "hello." He commented he was tired because "I had to see the speech." I asked, as I knew he liked Ron Paul, "was he happy?" He said: "Well, I just hated John McCain and at least now we have a President that can pronounce "Nuclear." I smiled and it seems everyone is taking part in the history of the moment. I saw an African-American woman on television say: "I feel taller and stronger today."

I saw an older friend in Hoboken as I took the laundry to the laundromat. I helped her vote yesterday, or at least find the right district to vote in - in Hoboken. She said: "Did you stay there all day yesterday?" as I petted her new cute dog. I said: "Yes. it was tiring." She said, "well it was a great night." She is over 70 most likely, but in phenomenally good health. "I was sooo happy about Florida." "Thank you she said." after I told I just came back from there Monday night. "I am so upset about Georgia, though." Now the second person in 12 hours to say this to me. "I grew up in southwest Georgia." I always wondered where in the south she was from. "I hated segregation, it was awful and terrible for all of the people. Even today, they accept black people, but there is a line that cannot be crossed. I just cannot go back there anymore. But, last night was worth the wait. Maybe things really will change."



Daddydan said...

Let the change begin!!!!!!!!!!!

Two months until Bushie is booted and Barack is taking over. I am counting the days...literally.

infemity said...

what an amazing night. I was so happy to see the results rolling in. I have yet to see the speech because I tend to fall asleep early & easily these days since my due date is around the corner. hoping to find the full speech on youtube somewhere. my husband was very impressed so i know it must have been incredible. i've never seen/felt such sincere enthusiasm and crowds for a presidential election! so awesome. i feel like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders and that there is so much to look forward to in the coming years!

Kid Radical said...

I will put the speech up in a moment.