Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Naomi Klein, William Greider and Elizabeth Warren on Charlie Rose

Last night I was in a bad mood and didn't want to go to bed. Should I watch the Mavericks try and gain some respect after the Refs screwed them? Eh. I don't feel like it. A movie? Nothing on...should I read Che? Naaah. Then, I saw Charlie Rose who always has a good conversation with whoever he has on. Who he had on is Elizabeth Warren, Harvard Law Professor, head of the TARP program and all around wonderful. She explains everything and makes it easily understandable. It is almost like Denzel Washington is sitting in front of her saying "talk to me like a four year old." She explains why market regulation is good and is Obama going to do it? She isn't sure.

Then, William Greider and Naomi Klein together discuss where we are, where we are going and if Obama is making it work. Greider is an optimistic fellow, but says Obama, who is doing some things well and is a brilliant politician is propping up the old system for the Oligarchs, which he doesn't think will work. And Naomi says this period will go down as the greatest heist in monetary history. $12 trillion dollars transferred from public coffers to private ones. Wow. Watch it it is worth your 45 minutes. It begins around 2:00 minutes after the blinking.

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ciamemoryhole said...

Great interviews - thanks for the links