Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Election Day in May?

It is election day today in Jersey City and many places around the state including my used to be hometown of Hoboken. Above is Steve Fulop, someone who doesn't seem like he is in it for the glory, but for real. He is the first independently elected official in Jersey City history. Yes, that is true, no other candidate elected to the city council or the Mayor's office has ever done it without party support. He did it four years ago. After flirting with running for Mayor this time around he is making a go at the council one more time. It makes it just as difficult this time around because they are gunning for him. He does, however have a big following in Jersey City, especially here in Ward E. Here is hoping he wins. Maybe even One Jersey City folks will make the run off instead of the same old dopes running things here. Here is props for Dan Levin as Mayor though he has a steep hill to climb.

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