Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thought of the Day

The Oscars are a joke. The nominations are out. At first glance "The Wrestler" which is THE best American movie this year by far. And no Sally Hawkins for "Happy Go Lucky" the best performance by a male or female this entire year. It is tragic and I know the reason is because as of late, the Oscars has been taken over by the independent film and the foreign film and word was this was the end of the road for that. It is supposed to be the best movies of the year, but constantly what the Oscars comes down to is the best crap of the year.

I guess I will root for Anne Hathaway for easily the most startling and surprising performance of the year in Rachel Getting Married. They cannot have Sally win this year because remember Ms. Cotillard for La Vie En Rose of France last year and her amazing speech and then her views on 9/11? Nope, ain't gonna have a European this year. They did stick in Melissa Leo for Frozen River, which is a nice gesture, but that is all it is...a gesture. And Angelina Jolie is the most undeserved, overrated actor of her generation. I guess that means she is in the lead!

The Dark Knight, while a piece of shit (well, a good piece of shit), Heath Ledger gives a brilliant performance and should be awarded, no doubt, but eight Oscar nominations? While I have not seen The Curious Case of Brad Pitt's Buttons, I hear it is melodramatic and needs an editor (I will see it eventually) and to put this in as best picture and best actor is silly and takes up spots for more well deserved films, like the fucking "Wrestler!" Robert Downey, jr for Tropic Thunder? What?! And while I feel Frost/Nixon was a good film, Langella is excellent, a best director nod for Ron Howard is wholly undeserved. The movie takes its premise from an event, but then creates fiction. The event happened, but they bastardize it and play with it and it comes out as fiction, much the same way "the Hurricane" was criticised as well as many other Hollywood crapolas.

And the thing is, if the Oscars needed to go Hollywood, why not go Wall-E, a film that is getting rave reviews from mommies and children to the New Yorker. Why not credit good films, rather than films that have some good stuff, but when seen in their entirety they are mediocre, much like Slumdog Millionaire. For my money the best of the crap this year is Milk. Milk, which really isn't crap was a really good film with a great performance from a great actor. It is also has perfect timing. But, it is about the seventh best film this year. But, my money is on Slumdog.

But, what do I know? I still can't believe they gave Julia Roberts an Oscar.

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