Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Globes

Sacha Baron Cohen introduces "Benjamin Buttons" and pisses off Hollywood proving hypocrisy reigns everywhere, not just politics. But, the Golden Globes, which I do not take much stock in (when I was younger the Golden Globes were a joke) have turned into a warm-up for the Oscars which I find a bit odd. Most of the best actors are nominated, however and giving Mickey Rourke a statue for his astonishing performance in the "Wrestler" is deserved. It is I believe probably the best film of the year as well, though I have not seen everything - yet. Sean Penn is a close second, however for "Milk" of course.

Sally Hawkins in "Happy Go Lucky" easily, without even thinking about it gives the best female (and the best overall performance) of the year. While, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet and Kristin Scott Thomas also give amazing performances, Sally Hawkins' "poppy" stands by itself. Maybe Kate will win for her supporting role in "The Reader" at the Oscars.

Ok, but Slumgod Millionaire is I think, one of the most overhyped films of the year and is not worthy of all of this glory. It happens though, everyone gets behind one film (i.e. Titanic, Unforgiven, that William Wallace film) that they think should win and then that is it, all of the other great films get lost in the shuffle (Fargo, Bull Durham, Do the Right Thing to name just a few, but that list goes on forever and last year's There Will Be Blood). Slumdog while good, is a tale of two films. The first, a visually stunning look at the slums of Mumbai (or Bombay) and the life of a young peasant and the second, a ridiculous, cheesy love story, tailor made for Hollywood as Bombay turns into Mumbai. I am not even sure if this film makes it into my top 10 yet and everyone is ready to give it Best Picture. I truly hope not because the issue behind it - in my opinion is we can all make it if we try (much like the very unsubtle message of Forest Gump) which is ridiculous and insensitive to all the peasants and poor of the world that suffer under colonialism and globalism.

But, if you have not seen the Wrestler, go and see it - though it can be hard to watch it is one of the most authentic films in recent memory and also provides an avenue for one of the great young actors of our day, Evan Rachel Wood. She is only in a few scenes, but her power with Mickey Rourke is unmistakable. And "Vicki, Christina, Barcelona" winning over "Happy Go Lucky" is laughable. Just my two cents.

And hooray for Tina Fey and 30 Rock. It seems they deserve it. And Mad Men, the best show on television better sign Jon Hamm to a new season!


ecrunner said...

I agree that most everyone sticks to one movie and hypes it up so much that it takes away from all the other great films, however, this Slumdog Millionaire is well worth all the hype! It is a great film and well deserving of the award. What I was excited to see was how
picture perfect Winslet looked in her dress and YEAH! she finally won something for her outstanding (in my book) acting.

Kid Radical said...

No argument from me on Kate Winslet. She never gives a bad performance. I have not seen both her films, but will see them. Even in the somewhat egregiously bad the Holiday she made me cry.

coffee said...

Mickey Rourke made quite a comeback, it seems like that's a big reason why he won

Kid Radical said...

Mickey Rourke won because he gave the best acting peformance this year. Everyone wants to diminish his performance and I am not sure why...because Sean Penn is better known? He gives easily the most physically demanding, emotionally wrenching performance this year.

He is in a word, astonishing.

There are many female leads this year that give great performances, but Sally Hawkins gives the best. Though, Kristin Scott Thomas is close.