Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama Plays the Race Card By Virtue of Being Black

It is nearly impossible for me to post like I/we used to and it is disheartening for us, but I wanted to comment on this weekend's events of the Presidential campaign. It has come to a crescendo of what the GOP strategy is and it should come as no surprise to me, but actually it does: RACISM. McCain has attacked (not surrogates) Obama repeatedly now about his race and when the Obama campaign responds, the McCain campaign says, "see they are playing the race card." It got so bad this weekend, my "subversive" friends and I would say (when we saw an Obama sign in a yard) see there they go again: playing the race card.

The strategy is for McCain's campaign to subtly play racism and when Obama talks about it claim Obama is the real racist. It is stunning and shocking and the fucking idiots in the mainstream media buy it. But not the very conservative (but not crazy) David Gergen. He explains what is happening very succinctly below. I did not see this entire clip, but this minute and a half is worth it.

This is the ad they are talking about. I think it is disgusting!

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