Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Forget the Red Sox I Bleed Dodger Blue (and any small market team)

A new report by Major League Baseball investigators are looking into accusations that several New York Yankees prospects from the Dominican Republic were forced to kick back portions of their signing bonuses to one or more team employees, several sources told ESPN. This I expect, I mean come on it is the Yankees.

Last week, the Red Sox's Dominican scouting supervisor, Pablo Lantigua, was fired after MLB investigators confronted him about allegedly skimming signing bonuses, according to an MLB source. Sources also told ESPN that the investigation is expected to implicate roughly 20 people on "a handful" of teams before it is complete. Investigators also have expanded their probe into Venezuela, where many major league clubs have player academies. "Things are coming to a head," one source familiar with MLB's investigation said.

So, these a-holes go to the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, both places where baseball is religion and by the way are baseball factories for the major leagues (ever heard of Pedro, Manny, Ortiz, how about Omar Vizquel or Johan Santana?); these baseball scum low ball the hell out of these - to be superstars (these players do not receive anywhere near the money top prospects from the states receive) and then on the back end the little they do give, force them to hand it over to overpaid executives in the baseball club.

Disgusting. I am tired of the corporate scum running baseball. The Red Sox have now sent away Manny, Pedro and Nomar, my three favorite Red Sox players off to different teams - after bad mouthing them to the point where the fans in Boston didn't want them anyway. And now are part of an extortion ring against poor born latin players. Forget it. I am rooting for Manny over in Dodger land as well as I root for Nomar and Pedro. But...I now declare myself a small market baseball fan. I root for the Twins, the Devil Rays and the Brewers.

Here is rooting for a Brewers/Devil Rays series. Bring on the scummy Red Sox and the scummy Yankees. Karma is a bitch.

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