Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama Lauds the Mass Firing of Rhode Island Teachers

On February 23, 2010 the Central Falls, Rhode Island school trustees fired over 90 teachers, the entire teaching staff. The decision was done supposedly because of declining test scores. Central Falls is near Providence, the smallest city in the state and also the poorest. In the greatest jobs crises since the Great Depression the city put out of work the entire school. In all 93 people were put out on the street, the school psychologist, nurses, reading specialist, etc. What actually happened was the school wanted to add duties without pay to teachers, the union objected and they retaliated. This is union busting, plain and simple.

The Obama administration applauded the decision emphatically. He said the firings were justified. His education Secretary, Arne Duncan applauded them for their "courage." Ok, so if bad test were only the teachers fault I think they might have a point. But, it happens to be about poverty, racism, classism, inner city crime, etc. and blaming it on the teachers might make everyone feel better, but it will do nothing for whether these kids in Central Falls actually learn. Firing all 93 teachers is an outrage.

I guess, Obama thinks the same about all industries right? I mean this happened during the financial crisis right? Ahh. Wrong. Nine of 10 executives in the bailouts still remain in their jobs. Thank you to firedoglake for pointing this out. And all of these people were allowed to keep their pay and their bonuses. I mean after all they only caused the greatest financial crisis in 80 years it isn't like they teach children or anything.

Good to be consistent Obama. Sign the petition for the Rhode Island Teachers fired.

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