Monday, February 22, 2010

Where Did Anti-Trust Enforcement Go?

An interesting article on Washington Monthly this morning (that I found on Firedoglake) is asking where did all the jobs go? Many believe that unemployment is the greatest threat to our economy and that job growth will be weak for up to a decade. Job growth fell off at the end of the Bush administration and now is non-existent. Why? Why are there no jobs to be created?

This Washington Monthly article points to an issue I have been screaming about for a decade. The real reason there are no jobs is corporate consolidation brought on by "weak anti-trust enforcement in Washington. They say that industries from banking to retail to microchips are now so dominated by a few firms that small businesses (the source of most jobs) cannot thrive and challenge the behemoths. The result is a less innovative and dynamic economy.

If this argument is right then as an American government we need to start enforcing anti-trust laws, something that vanished beginning under Reagan, but Clinton even more so in my opinion, brought on by globalization. It is going to be a long road.

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