Thursday, July 9, 2009

Notes on Politics

It is has been a crazy few weeks, Michael Jackson finally buried, Sarah Palin also figuratively buried by her own doing. Does she actually have an advisor giving her sound political advice? Mark Sanford on the other hand still surviving barely by the skin of his soul mate. If these were Democrats they would be gone, long gone by now, but somehow they cling to God and insanity and the press kind of likes to have them around. If you are Edwards or Spitzer you are trash, not that I am, mind you making excuses for these bumbling fools.

But, John Ensign really takes the cake doesn't he? I mean your chief advisor's wife? Did you hear how it went down? He invites his advisor and his family to move into his house because their home was broken into, then Ensign (see below a letter Ensign wrote pleading with himself to break up the relationship) proceeded to break into his family. These Christian types really get to me, I end up feeling bad for them. They delude themselves so into believing in something so much, the "devil" creeps in and wham your in Argentina crying for your soul mate, or banging your best friend's wife while your wife, children and best friend are next door. Or you are so deluded that you believe "quitting" is actually fulfilling your term as Governor.

The Democratic party is so bad, however they can't even pass a sound economic policy, a healthcare bill, prosecute torture, while the opposition party is in complete shambles, falling apart at the seams, and they control the White House, all of Congress, and have a supermajority in the Senate. They still want to please the Republicans. The stimulus isn't working? Oh, really? Well, maybe 42 percent of it shouldn't have been tax cuts that most people either don't know what to do with the extra $8 a week, or if you happen to be one of the lucky rich people you stick it in your yacht. The country is falling apart and all anyone can talk about is politics. Or policy in the context of politics.

Ralph Nader was right. These guys all do look the same. Yeah, Obama isn't giving us a bad name, but we still are running two to three wars, keeping state secrets, giving away our money to all those who already have tons of it and still are totally homophobic.

The Donkey and Elephant better watch out, a third party could come out of nowhere and steal the 2012 election. I gotta good mind to run myself. As R. Thelonious would say: Assclowns.

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