Monday, June 22, 2009

Health Care Bound to Fail

Why is healthcare bound to fail? Because we have representatives that do not represent the public pure and simple. If you want crude analysis on why it is going to fail read Paul Krugman's column on the "centrist" democrats who he blames for the derision. They are certainly to blame, but there seems to be a lot of blame to go around. The Republicans of course flail their hands in the air and scream "Socialized Medicine" the same tactic used since Harry Truman. The Democrats have nothing to add at all. How about that nearly 72% of Americans want a so-called "public option" in their health care (another poll said it was 76%). That doesn't seem to move the elected officials that currently inhabit the most beautiful building in Washington, DC.
It doesn't seem to matter to these sycophants. The entire capitalist system almost falls on its face, we have to prop them up via nationalization and corporate giveaways and still the Republicans and many Democrats cry socialism because we want a health care option that is not the private sector? It is stunning and shocking to me. It is also important to note that the cost that has been so publicly repeated as one trillion dollars could easily be paid by removing the Bush tax cuts, a cost of 1.8 trillion. Iraq? Afghanistan? Shall I go on?

I have no confidence that the public option will be used and be in a final reconciliation bill, my bet is it will be a bunch of nothing, including subsidies and lower costs provisions and we will receive nothing except a temporary measure in deflating healthcare costs and millions still uncovered. Doing it half-assed is not doing it. President Obama campaigned on this, his signature issue besides ending the Iraq war (don't get me started on that one). If he fails and it certainly looks like he will, he may be a one-term President beaten by propaganda and a lack of will on the part of democrats. We are not arguing for Single Payer healthcare here, it is only a request to have competition in the market place, something unfettered capitalism abhors apparently.

It also begs the question of real reform. And I mean campaign finance reform, and I mean publicly financing campaigns completely tearing the money from the system. That is the only way to remove lobbyists and of course our "Public Representatives" out of the public coffers. It is a subject I have been screaming from the roof tops since Bill Clinton's second inauguration, an issue that grows in importance as we see corporations laud more power every year. For a great website discussing Campaign Finance Reform visit the Brennan Center (also a place that wouldn't hire me), tremendous discussions on what is happening around the country. It is not all that hopeless, a groundswell is occurring.

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