Thursday, April 16, 2009

High Speed Rail

This morning President Obama announced his plans for high speed rail and I have to say the plans are pretty good. Obama allocated $8 billion out of the stimulus package to begin the high speed rail infrastructure project now and much more in the future. As someone who loves public transportation and rail travel I am very excited. The DC to Boston trains, though considered high speed only travel and average of about 80 miles per hour. Mainly because of curving tracks, etc. and congestion. The TGV in Europe can move up to speeds over 200 mph, but averages about 140 MPH. The train from Paris to Lyon takes less than an hour and travels over 250 miles.

The routes expected to vie for the $8 billion (above) are of course the Northeast Corridor from Boston to D.C. for upgrades and track improvements, but also northern New England, Chicago, the southeast, trains from Florida to Texas, California and the Pacific Northwest. For more go to the website.


lice said...

wouldn't it be nice if nj transit could become a speed rail? wishful thinking.

estanard said...

on the flip side, i saw a news broadcast that argued that the proposal is not cost efficient; that the money would be better spent on mass transit in densely populated areas. the point was, it's very cheap for us to fly across country, much more cost effective than for us to take a high speed train (since it is so costly to construct and the proposed obama money only makes a dent). however, it is a much more pressing problem that many commuters spend two hours a day in their cars going to and from work. the argument was that money improving mass transit in urban centers would be better spent.

Kid Radical said...

Good points. Real good points. I guess I don't understand why we have to choose. We should have both! Instead of tax breaks for corporations, close the f#^%#&@ loopholes and give us real Public transportation.