Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the fiddle ninjas of alaska

check out the fiddle feel good music of the fiddle ninjas, courtesy of our friend kim!

"After a long career on the road as the fiddle ninja oldtime string band, (i.e., three gigs and hosting a weekly local jam), the ninjas turned down an offer to play the Grand Ole Opry and instead, stay in Alaska, each for their own reasons, and compositely, as a band:

Ryan McGinis, unwilling to leave his wife and child for a life on the road;
Jay Marvin, also devoted to his family and five banjos in Anchorage;
George Schleicter and Danny Consenstein, adamant to remain unemployed and live off of public benefits;
Conor McManamin, band playboy unable to say no to any band;
and Kim Vu-Dinh, who put her fiddlin' career on hold to become a trainer of pit bulls.

The Ninjas are only at rest, my friends, until the fall season, when they hit anchorage as a fiddle force to be reckoned with, at a time and location currently unknown, even to their closest advisers.

Until then, enjoy their oldtime performance art in cyberspace, as depicted by the cinematic genius David Fedorsky."

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Akaska said...

I loved it! Great spirit! Thanks :)